How to Become Master of the Vaping Tricks

You must have seen some of the vape trick videos and wanted to perform them. But for this, you need to have complete control of your breath as well as the shape of your mouth. Before you go out and attempt your first vapor trick, there are certain things that you need to consider. The first and the foremost thing is that you will have to be in the place where you can observe what the vapor exhaled by you is doing. The best place to execute your trick will be the room with the dark wall. The reason behind it is that you can see the vapors against the flat backdrop. Moreover, you must also make sure that your fans or AC is turned off. If you are performing a vape cloud trick in still air, then you can see what you are doing without any sort of interference.

Here, we will discuss how to become a pro of the vape cloud tricks and vape tricks jellyfish. You will have to follow the below lines to prepare a proper

Massive Vapor Cloud

This is as per the excellence of the tricks, and once you get used to it, then it will become very easy for you. If you want to perform this trick, then you will have to inhale a huge amount of vapor and then hold it for a longer period. After which you will have to release it into a continuous stream. This will make it resemble that of the cloud coming out of your mouth. Keep one thing in your mind that the bigger the power is, the more amount of cloud it can blow, and it becomes easy to perform tricks.


Before you learn how to perform vape tricks jellyfish, you must know the important points of the jellyfish trick. That is, the jellyfish depends on the ring that you make; it should not only be round but also thick. The moment you vape jellyfish, it becomes crucial to keep your face close to the smoke ring. To perform the trick and become master at it, you will have to exhale a large and complete ring that can be pushed by your hand. As soon as you push the ring with your hand, then you will have to puff more and then send some more clouds to the ring. In the end, this trick will resemble just like that of the jellyfish.

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