A Guide to Setting Up Employee Transportation

Have you ever had to commute to work? Studies have shown that leaving employees to commute to and from work alone can bring stress and fatigue, especially if the office is far from their homes. Many companies nowadays provide transportation methods for their employees as a solution. Providing this as a benefit can keep employees motivated and their opinion of the company optimistic since it encourages a work-life balance. Here’s everything you need to know about employee transportation so you can start providing a valuable benefit to your workers.

Benefits of Employee Transportation

While some business owners think of providing employee transportation as a waste of resources, there are many more benefits than you think. Here are a few reasons why you should provide transportation for your employees.

  • When writing a job advertisement, you can announce that your company provides employee transportation to their hires. Free commute can entice many potential job applicants into trying out for your company’s position, especially those who live farther from your office’s area. Not only does it help with recruitment, but it also helps with employee retention; many employees don’t want to leave a company that provides such a valuable commodity.
  • Many companies also provide employee transportation as part of their corporate social responsibility. For example, using an express shuttle bus for all employees instead of letting each one use their vehicles helps significantly with minimising gas emissions. This method helps boost your company’s reputation as environmentally-conscious.

Methods of Employee Transportation

Now that you know why you should invest in employee transportation, it’s time to choose which method is best for your company and employees. Here are a few transportation methods you can consider.

  • One of the most common ways to provide transportation for your employees is by renting several vehicles to create a fleet. Companies don’t only use fleets to transport goods; many use them as an inexpensive and convenient way to keep track of employees while providing them transportation benefits. You can use a fleet management solution to see where each employee is and what route they’re taking.
  • Many IoT companies in Singapore offer transportation solutions that connect supervisors, employees, and bus drivers using an app. The app can provide bus routes for employees and drivers, while the supervisor can use it to track each employee’s location. Using their solution, you get a seamless transportation method that keeps employees safe.
  • A simple way to provide a transportation method for your employees is by offering them a monthly allowance or stipend for taxis and ride-sharing services. While you would depend on third parties to bring your employees to and from work, you can still use apps created by IoT companies in Singapore to keep track of them as they commute to ensure their safety.

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