Fertility Options for the Best Chances

Fertilization is the heart of the most magical act in the life of a human being … For a biologist – during his working hours – fertilization is defined as the meeting of a sperm and an ovum which will form an egg. Fertility, a broader word, refers to the ability to reproduce. Here are the answers to the questions we often ask ourselves on the subject.

When is the woman fertile?

For there to be fertilization, the woman must be fertile, that is to say that she produces, during each cycle, an ovum, and that a sperm has access, through the genital tract, to this ovum. For him, the road is long. Deposited during ejaculation in the vagina, it must pass the cervix, cross the uterus and go back up into the fallopian tube, place of fertilization (see file). This is where the egg, surrounded by millions of sperm, can be fertilized. If one of them succeeds in opening a breach in its wall, then the egg is formed which will descend into the uterine cavity to nestle in the mucosa.

A woman is considered fertile three to four days before ovulation and then two days after: the lifespan of an egg is 1 day and that of sperm 3 days. This theoretical fertility period varies from woman to woman. A visit to makes things perfect there.

Male sterility: how to know?

15% of couples have difficulty procreating in France. For 20% of them, the origin is male and for 40%, it is mixed. What are the causes of male infertility? How do you know? What solutions exist?

How to have a baby when you have endometriosis?

Note that having endometriosis is not always synonymous with difficulty having a child. The spectrum of this disease is very wide. There are situations in which there is endometriosis and no infertility+. When endometriosis causes infertility due to the presence of scar tissue (endometrial) on the fallopian tubes, surgery can be performed to improve fertility. It involves removing scar tissue. If this is not enough, in vitro fertilization (IVF) can be considered.To conceive a baby, put the odds on your side by adopting a special conception diet.

How to boost your fertility through food?

To boost your fertility, you must follow a simple rule: eat a healthy and balanced diet. Vegetables, fruits, meats, fish, cereals, all will be your allies to get pregnant. What if you’re out of inspiration?

For you, healthy dishes lack taste? So, let go.spices, full of antioxidants, are very good for fertility.

The special fertility kitchen

And since not everyone is a specialist in fertility special cuisine we give you advice and menu ideas in this special diet file to boost fertility.

Adopt the bio attitude to get pregnant

Another solution: adopt the bio attitude. Too often our body is exposed to harmful products, so to boost your fertility go ahead and detoxify yourself with organic. And if in addition, you like tea it is won. This drink would be perfect for bringing baby. Last effort in your diet with the integration of folic acid. The acid what? Yes, behind this barbaric name hides vitamin B9. Thanks to its many properties, it will be an ally to boost your fertility.

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