Are human beings’ major contributors of climate change?

Did you know that the earth surface temperatures have risen by over 2 degrees over the past 100 years? Here we are going to see if human beings are major contributors in climate change but before we take a look at history. What does history say?

Since 1859, scientists have known that greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide absorb heat from the sun due to discoveries made by John Tyndall. Since that point, many scientists during the 1900 have debated whether the carbon dioxide from the fossil fuel combustion or natural atmospheric processes have caused the change in the climate. In 1988, NASA scientists James Hansen, presented a testimony to the US senate, stating that increase in carbon dioxide were warming the planet hence changing our climate. At the time, MIT meteorologist Richard Lindxen criticized these findings arguing that computerized climate models where unreliable and that natural processes would balance any warming caused by increased carbon dioxide. 

So, what is the scientific perspective of this discussion. Scientific community seem to concur that human activities is primarily responsible for climate change. They still believe the rise of human activities have increased the amount of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases in the atmosphere which are responsible for global warming. These activities include burning fossil fuels in the name of energy and methane from agricultural sector absorb up to 80% of heat from the sun.

They still believe the rise of sea level is caused by human activities. They say warming of ocean water which has been caused by h=general increase in earths temperature leads to melting of glaciers which increase the volume of ocean and sea water at the end. They say 87% of rise of sea level is majorly caused by burning of fossil fuel which emit carbon dioxide into the air which absorbs the heat from the sun. it is believed in 80 years to come, at this rate of global warming, sea level may rise up to 3 feet and this will likely displace 100s of millions of people who live around the coastal regions. 

They also believe that the current weather events are due to climate change. These events include hurricanes and heat waves being more frequent. In this case, reducing the energy used in companies, homes and offices may reduce carbon emissions in the atmosphere. That’s why it advisable to emphasize on use of natural light as our source of light during the day and Eco Elite can be your solution.

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