Jomolhari Trek:  How and When is the Best Time to Go

Jomolhari Trek is the most stunning and famous hiking trail of Bhutan tourism. During the test period, as you walk from more than 2500m to nearly 5000m, you can see thick forests, surrounded villages, the stunning Himalayan peaks, and take pleasure in the picturesque beauty of the mountain and look up at the sky.

There is an extensive diversity of flora and fauna as well as stunning views of the snow-capped mountains. From the Basecamp of Jomolhari, you can enjoy the remarkable site of a special glimpse of the natural beauty of this place. Jangothang, also known as Jomolhari base, is a place where hikers build their camps and plan to relax while climbing.

The difficulty of hiking is moderate. Hikers, however, need to adapt emotionally and physically, and it takes a long time to adapt. The hiking can be completed in 6 to 8 days, depending on speed and many other factors like climate conditions. Bhutanese and tourists from other countries enjoy trekking here. They experience a true journey of mountain trekking.

The inhabitants of the country experience four seasons all year round. There are actually three divided hiking routes in the country. Many travelers viewed that Jomolhari is the best part of the route. The other two are the Jomolhari Base Camp and Loop. The round trip is much shorter than the main Jomolhari and is the shortest of all trips including the Jomolhari. Many travelers enjoy a 10 days trip from Gunitsawa village to Jomolhari. Then they went back to Gunitsawa and Thomba Song. For those looking to avoid heights and elevated altitude areas, a direct round trip is also available.

Explore all of Bhutan’s glory with its stunning architecture, unspoiled natural scenery, and incredible culture. Go camping, sleep under the stars, follow the herd of cows, get lost in the sound of the river, and enjoy the beauty. In addition to the Jomolhari Trek, there are many other activities in and around Jomolhari.

How to go to Jomolhari Trek

Air transport is the fastest option to reach the trekking site. You need to land in the closest airport Paro. The good news is this is the only airport in Bhutan from where you can go to many countries. You need to take a taxi or get on a bus to reach Jomolhari.

To reach Jomolhari by road, you can take a taxi from Punakha. You can also find a taxi in nearby places in Punakha to reach your travel destination. However, in that case, you will find it difficult to find a taxi.

Going via the bus is a much cheaper option to reach Jomolhari. You can take a bus from Paro, Chuka. Buses are also available from other towns. Before getting on the bus, consult with a few locals on the timing and route of the car. This will save you from going in the wrong direction.

List of the appropriate time to go Jomolhari Trek

Jomolhari forest treks and Bhutanese tours also introduce some of the key attractions along with trekking. You can get many pleasure scenes in this mysterious kingdom. Attractions of this trip include the ancient towns of Paro and Thimphu. You can breathe freely here as the country falls into the carbon-negative world. In trekking, you can find, the trekking destination has a lot of natural beauty to carefully explore. Bhutan is a carbon-negative country as protecting the natural world is the main concern for the government of Bhutan, and all visitors help the government in this mission.

You can come here in spring i.e. in the months of March and stay till the start of May. This is the season before monsoons come and there is enough time to start the season of flooding the mountains.

Many trekkers come here in autumn i.e. in the month of October. Most of these trekkers stay here till the starting of November. The atmosphere of higher mountains is good for trekking adventures. In Jomolhari, autumn is short and winter is about to start around November. For this reason, many trek lovers still consider October to November as the best time to enjoy all the programs of Bhutan tourism.

You can go to Jomolhari at the end of Monsoon. In that case, you need to reach Jomolhari in July. Many Travelers who reach in July stay here till September. However, the season is the ending rainy season as the region receives the most rain from June to the end of August. When the monsoon season in Jomolhari is about to end, the trekking and hiking season resume. In general, the hiking season starts in the first week of May. However, it is not a good idea to Jomolhari in the monsoon because the roads are in bad condition.

Many travelers love hiking and trekking in winter. According to them, the adventure increases in December. The chilly winter stays in Jomolhari till February. However, before going there in winter to enjoy yourself more hiking, you need to ask yourself whether you can withstand the winter season in the country. Many travelers viewed that the time is too chilly for long hikes. Hence, it is not advisable or generally recommended to reach Jomolhari in these months as it would make pedestrian walking difficult and feel inconvenient and inconvenient.

Although most trekking in Bhutan, including the Jomolhari trekking, can be done most times of the year, October to November is the best time of trekking Jomolhari. During the rainy season, hiking is hard in Bhutan. Many travelers think that with an altitude of nearly 5,000 meters, late September to late November is the best time to go and return to Jangothang. As mentioned before, some view that April to June is a good time even if there is some rain and difficulties in hiking and trekking. However, in both time periods, the weather is comprehensible, bright. Moreover, there is no continuous heavy rain or a thick cloud, the sky is clear. Hence, the best view can be seen.

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