Aircon Installation: Your Options ahead

The installation of one or more air conditioners meets well-defined criteria. To optimize its proper functioning and ensure your comfort, it is recommended to entrust the installation to a professional who will take into account the specificities of the equipment: system chosen (monobloc, split, reversible, etc.), sizing, safety standards and rules, etc.

The basic criteria for installing an air conditioning system

Observe the sizing carefully

An undersized or oversized air conditioner is expensive. Insufficient power, poor performance, increase in the electricity bill to avoid any errors, have energy balance carried out by a professional (air conditioning or refrigeration engineer), it will take into account the following elements:

  • The volume of the surface to be air-conditioned (length x width x height of the premises),
  • The number of people who occupy the premises concerned,
  • Orientation of the premises (exhibition),
  • The heat sources,
  • The quality of the insulation and the dilapidation of the premises (index which varies according to the date of construction),
  • The type of ventilation (monobloc, split or multi-split, reversible),
  • The climate,
  • The desired temperature difference between the outside and the inside

Install air conditioning in the right place

For the air conditioning to remain efficient, comfortable and pleasant, the choice of its location is important:

Opt for a location away from heat sources and free to promote good air circulation

The blown air:

It must not be too cold, nor directly reach people (beware of colds and headaches). To avoid any risk of thermal shock (from 8 ° C difference between inside and outside), the outgoing air must be greater than 20 degrees.

If the system is a wall split:

It must be fixed at least two meters high and allow easy maintenance and the various connections (pipes and cables). The two units that make up a wall-mounted split system (the outdoor and indoor unit) must be as close as possible to each other. On the floor or on a wall, the place must be well ventilated, sheltered from the sun, protected from strong winds, humidity and waves. The so-called “split” air conditioners being noisier, we should avoid placing them close to windows.

Respect installation rules and standards

Air conditioners contain harmful refrigerant. The respect of certain rules is essential:

  • We avoid the use of worn devices,
  • Whenever possible, the air conditioner should be earthed. The connection must be made directly to the electrical box. Keep it away from all sources of moisture.
  • If you do not comply with safety rules, you risk leaking refrigerant, causing a short circuit or a fire! In the event of a fluid leak, it is essential to call a professional.

Choose a qualified installer: the guarantee of a neat installation

Go through a qualified professional for the purchase and installation of an air conditioning system , it is to benefit from the advice, the thermal balance carried out by a specialist is essential to ensure the success and the durability of your investment. You can find aircon installation companies in Singapore at https://sghomeneeds.com/services/aircon-installation where you can find expert advice, reviews and prices.

The professional will know you advise on the choice of material (quality, type of system, etc.), optimize the performance of your air conditioning and ensure the installation and maintenance of your air conditioning (think of the maintenance contract, it’s practical).

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