Technology Reviews Examines When It Is Time to Get A New Wireless Router


The appliances in your house are now no longer a household appliance but a hi-tech electronic gadget. Most of your appliances are connected online and each appliance is more or less dependent on a wireless router at home. In this article, Reviews tells you when it is necessary to change your Wireless router for the efficient functioning of all appliances.

The Signs

  1. The standard life of a router – Each and every electrical appliance comes with a life of its own. The standard life of a wireless router is a maximum of four to five years depending on the usage. It is advisable to change your router after four years or more to enjoy the latest wireless techs.
  1. When you need to connect more devices – Computers, laptops, and handphones are not the only devices that can be connected to your router. There are so many new-age devices like smart TV, Coffee maker, Amazon Echo devices, cameras, alarms and much more that can be connected to your Wi-Fi.

When you start making a note of the devices connected, you would be surprised to learn the total number of devices connected to your Wi-Fi network. This results in dropping connections which makes it difficult for the appliances to work smoothly all at the same time. If you suffer from such problems, it’s time to change your ‘pre-automation router’ to a new and more powerful wireless router.

  1. Lightning strikes – If your location is in an area that is struck by lightning more than usual, it is likely that your router may be affected. It is advisable to change your router to the one with a better and strong surge protector. This minimizes the harmful effect of lightning and ensures the continuous flow of Wi-Fi.
  1. Speed of internet services slows down – When you feel that the speed of the internet is slow throughout your house, you have the tendency to blame the service provider. This may not be the case. Studies have shown that the main cause of the slow speed of the internet is generally the router itself.

To determine this, use an ethernet cable to connect a computer directly to the best modem router combo for comcast (or modem/router combo unit) and go to a website that tests your internet speed. If you see the speed as normal, this means that there is no problem with your service provider and it’s time to head to the store and bring a new one.

  1. The router was a freebie – Are you still using the wireless router that was given as a free gift by your builder or by your service provider? If the answer to this is yes, it’s time to change it and upgrade to a new router as ISPs never give away high-quality routers. The one you were given as a freebie is more or less a piece of junk.


Every device reaches a time when it needs to be replaced. The same is the case with wireless routers. It needs to be changed or upgraded after a period of a few years. According to Reviews, it is always better to have newer technology inside your home as it allows you to enjoy more exciting features and better security.

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