Top 3 Online Shopping Platforms in Kenya


 Online shopping has become one of the most vital trends all over the world. Because of its convenient features and a wide range of collections, people find it easy to get their respective from online shopping portals. But as today there are hundreds of online portals are available on the web, it is crucial to consider the right one. This is because you can be betrayed out of the fake websites. Yes, several threats can be happened out of inappropriate or fake shopping portals. Today, we are going to cite the names of some of the best Kenyan shopping portals along with avechi Kenya and why they have become very much popular in this article. 

Top 3 Online Shopping Portals In Kenya 

Avechi Kenya: 

This is one of the most popular shopping portals in Kenya. The best part with this is that one can explore several online shopping experiences with the innumerable trends collection and their affordable price ranges. Ranging from safe transactions, the confidentiality of personal information, to user-friendly handling of the website, Avechi Kenya offers them all. Hence, in all ways, it can be rated 4.5 out of 5 stars amongst the best Kenyan shopping portals. 


Jumia is another well-known shopping portal among the Kenyan people. It is because of its years of existence in the country. It also secures the transaction and personal information, but it lacks in introducing the latest techniques to fight with the modern threats that prevail online. Moreover, their collection is also lesser than the Avechi Kenya and certainly, it persists restrictions while you browse for your requirements. It is because of all these reasons it can be rated 3 out of 5 for the best shopping portals in Kenya.  


Skygarden, although gained a lot of popularity in the region, has certain negative reviews as well. Regarding their delivery time, people have raised several issues and they often cancel the order without any prior information. Although these things do not happen always, they need to rebuilding robustness. Hence, we will be giving it 3 out of 5 stars. 

Final Words 

After all these above discussions, we can suggest you go for Avechi Kenya to do your online shopping. It consists of all the essential features that one looks for in any online shopping portal. You can find them anywhere on the web if you search with the name as given.  

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