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Vital Aspects to Keep in Mind When Sending Farming Postcards

Prospecting in real estate is akin to sowing seeds – meticulous care, strategic nurturing, and a bit of patience can lead to a bountiful harvest. An effective tool within the prospecting arsenal is the farming postcard. This technique, steeped in tradition, involves sending out targeted direct mail to potential clients within a particular geographic area, or ‘farm.’ The aim? To nurture leads, establish a real estate professional’s presence, and stimulate business growth. This article explores six vital aspects to keep in mind when utilizing real estate farming postcards to ensure successful results.

  1. Strategic Selection of the Farm Area

The first step involves choosing the right ‘farm’ area. Researching and understanding the area’s demographic characteristics, market trends, and turnover rates is paramount. This knowledge can inform the crafting of tailored messages that resonate with potential clients in the area. Furthermore, consider areas where there’s already a degree of familiarity or existing professional relationships, as this could boost chances of conversion.

  1. Crafting a Unique Selling Proposition

A strong unique selling proposition (USP) forms the core of any farming postcard. The USP should define the value and services offered as a real estate professional, setting them apart from competitors. It could highlight expertise in quick sales, a broad network of potential buyers, or superior local market knowledge. The goal is to provide compelling reasons for potential clients to consider your services.

  1. Designing an Attention-Grabbing Postcard

With farming postcards, first impressions matter. The design should be visually charming and professional, capable of attracting attention even in a pile of mail. High-quality images, bold headlines, and striking color schemes can enhance the overall aesthetic appeal. However, maintaining a balance is critical; the design should not overshadow the message but rather amplify it.

  1. Delivering Value through Content

Effective farming postcards don’t just sell services – they deliver value. Offering useful content such as tips for home improvement, local market statistics, or insights on mortgage rates can turn a simple postcard into a valuable resource. This approach can increase the chances of potential clients keeping the postcard, referring back to it, and in the process, remembering the professional who provided it.

  1. Regularity and Consistency

Farming postcards aren’t typically a one-off strategy. Instead, they work best when sent consistently and regularly, as they keep the real estate professional’s name and services at the forefront of potential clients’ minds. By maintaining this consistency, professionals enhance their chances of being the first point of contact when a potential client decides to sell or buy a property.

  1. Tracking and Adjusting

Lastly, tracking the response rate and return on investment from the farming postcards is essential. This data can help refine the strategy, making it more effective. From tweaking the design or content to reconsidering the chosen farm area, these informed adjustments can significantly boost the effectiveness of future postcard campaigns.

Employing farming postcards in real estate prospecting is an artful blend of strategy and creativity. From the selection of a promising farm area to the crafting of an irresistible USP, the design of an attention-grabbing postcard to the delivery of valuable content, the impact of regularity and consistency to the benefits of tracking and adjusting – each aspect plays a crucial role in the success of this traditional yet potent strategy.


In conclusion, while the digital age has revolutionized many aspects of real estate marketing, the charm and effectiveness of real estate farming postcards remain. Much like an age-old recipe, they combine basic ingredients, yielding a result more significant than the sum of its parts. When executed carefully considering these six vital aspects, farming postcards can serve as a robust tool for nurturing leads, establishing a market presence, and ultimately, reaping the rewards of a well-tended real estate ‘farm.’

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