Portable air cooler in recent times are produced in various sizes, shapes, and designs, many of them are so beautiful and sometimes are mistaken for air conditioners because of their size and design, portable air coolers are seen as major competitors with air conditioners presently because they are very affordable and also cools and freshens the air there are a lot of people who actually prefers them to any other cooling device. 

Fans are also known to be cooling devices and found in almost all buildings around even people that have either air conditioners or air coolers still have cooling fans in their homes and offices. The cooling fan is a mechanical device that is created for blowing air or breeze in a room, the fan is propelled by a rotor and blades that make blowing possible. The cooling fan is also in various sizes, shapes, and designs, for example, today we have the ceiling fan which is usually permanently fixed to the ceiling, the table fan which also varies in size but is always put on tables and stools and plugged to an electric socket, there are some that are rechargeable and don’t need electricity to function once they are charged. Also, we have hand and pocket-size fans these types of fans are majorly rechargeable and could be taken anywhere because of their extreme lightweight and portability just like the portable air coolers. Today, people most especially women are seen taking their pocket-size rechargeable fans with them especially during summer.

What are the possible similarities between fans and air coolers?

Fan and air cooler both possess rotors and blades that blow air, although the air cooler is usually more covered than the cooling fan but taking a close look at it, you will find out it also has a moving rotor with the blade when it is working just like the cooling fan. Both the cooling fan and the air cooler come in various sizes some are so portable and some are a bit heavy. Portability, the portable air cooler can be moved easily from one place to another despite the varying sizes because of the wheels, the cooling fan is also moveable but not all fans can be carried easily from one place to another because some are usually fitted to the wall and ceiling, whiles some are heavy and without wheels i.e. industrial fans.


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