Infertility problems

Unfortunately, such a serious family problem as infertility rarely brings a family together. More often the opposite happens: infertility, which has become a burden on the family, leads to conflicts and misunderstandings even among the most loving people.

Rarely, but nevertheless, disagreements arise in the method of treatment or even in such matters as the choice of a sperm or egg donor. More often, however, the stumbling block is different attitudes toward future children in general. Usually it is women who are passionate about becoming mothers, and they do everything possible to do so, despite the time with those around them.

Men, on the other hand, though not all, do not see it as a matter of principle. Yes, they also want to nurse a small child, but in matters of infertility treatment they usually just fulfill the whim of their wives. And this is not surprising, because for women, motherhood is not just raising a baby, but also a close relationship with him, the feeling when he pushes in the belly, the joy of waiting for him to be born and much, much more.

However, there are also cases in which a woman is not too eager to become a mother, but rather just listens to the world around her. After all, often being a father is not a desire, but a necessity, dictated by the basics of society and the opinion of others. It is quite natural that in this case, the joy of having a baby cannot wait.

With the right process of raising a girl from an early age, she gets used to the fact that someday she will be a mother. This happens when she babysits dolls, plays “daughters-mothers” and so on. Thus, as she gets older, she develops a strong understanding of her role as a mother and a desire to be one. Eventually, the desire becomes a need, and the woman has a baby.

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For the formation of a woman a child is an important part of her world. It is not the meaning of life or an idea-fix, but it is a child that gives a woman a sense of fullness of life. But it’s important that the baby be a purpose for the sake of purpose, not a way to keep a man or fill the emptiness inside her.

Men, on the other hand, at a tender age, imbibe very different attitudes: to be successful, to be first in everything and to be recognized by society. And for them, being a father – means to get the finishing touch to the picture of a successful man in society. And then, as we know, a man becomes a father only when he takes his child in his arms and understands that he will always protect and love him.

We must remember that infertility is not a sentence. We live in a time when this problem is solvable. One of the ways is surrogacy, which will give you a baby and the feeling of a full family.

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