How Pasta Became the World’s Favourite Food

Pasta is officially the world’s favorite food. The results of a recent survey conducted in over 17 countries show that a lot of people from different regions and cultures like to eat pasta most. The study places pasta ahead of pizza, rice, and meat. 

Although Italy remains the nation with the biggest appetite for this tantalizing meal, citizens of other countries also rank it as their best and favorite meal.  The story isn’t any different in Canada. Walk into any authentic Italian restaurant in any city, and pasta will be right there at the top of the menu. 

However, the big question is, how did such a simple dish largely associated with Italy become a staple meal for so many people around the world?  We sought out some of the reasons that make pasta such a nice meal for different people. 

Pasta Is Cheap and Easy to Prepare

No doubt that most people rank pasta as their favorite meal because it is not only cheap but also easy to prepare. With pasta, all you have to do is cook the noodles and make an ideal sauce to go with them, and you are done- no stress or hassle. 

In fact, a wide range of other foods go well with pasta. It tastes good and makes you feel full for many hours. It produces a relatively high amount of carbs, which is why athletes love to eat it regularly.



Some parents say that they love pasta because it encourages their kids to eat almost anything. This makes it the ultimate kid food. 

Although some kids are conscious about some chunky stuff in tomato-based sauces, parents can always get around that by throwing everything into a blender to come up with a smooth mix of that is far from chunky.

People Love Its Versatility

Almost all of us can agree to the fact that no food is as versatile as pasta. You can serve it as an appetizer, side dish, or even the main meal! How about pasta with sun-dried tomato, or mozzarella, or olives?  It still makes sense, right?  

Pasta is tangy and delicious, and you get to choose when you want to prepare it. You can do as early as possible or even at the last minute and nothing changes about its tastefulness.

There Are A Million Pasta Shapes


Well, not literally one million, but we hope you get the idea here. Talk of ribbons, bow ties, bowls, tubes, ravioli, and the list is simply endless. The endless pasta shapes open a world of endless opportunities for lunch and dinner, and even breakfast! 

In fact, you can walk into any authentic Italian restaurant, order your favorite pasta meal, and it shall be prepared while you are right there. If you are looking for something unusual, feel free to try out rigatoni with the eggplant puree.

Long Shelf Life

Lastly, we got to talk about its “durability.”  Whether dried and packaged from the supermarket or fresh-frozen in your home freezer, you can be sure that pasta will serve you for long. 

It can stay fresh for months, which makes it an excellent option to store at home. Therefore, the next time you are craving for that spaghetti with some meatballs, your main ingredient will be waiting for you.


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