Get a thorough insight on chips and their various types

There are many types of games that people can play online. They have to choose a website like a situs poker online where they can play a lot of games. These websites provide a huge number of games and people need to choose the one, which they can play easily and win it. People need to create an account on such websites as situs poker online.

Chips are used in the games, which can be of many types. Chips act as a kind of real money and many casinos do not allow cash in the games. The players have to buy chips and then they can play the game. People can also purchase the chips for a home game.

Types of Chips

Here are the types of chips, which can be used in home games and casinos.

Plastic Chips

Plastic poker chips are of two types. The cheapest form of chips is available in round shape while the other one is called diamond chips. The weight of diamond chips is little more than the normal chips. People can use these chips at home games and can be bought easily from retail stores and grocery stores. The chips are available in different colors and people can buy them as per their choice. People can take these chips along with cards and play the game anywhere like beaches, picnic spots, and many other places.

Composite/Clay Chips

There were times when poker chips were made from clay. They give a good feeling, which is better than plastic ones. Now the chips are not made up of pure clay but some other materials are also mixed and such chips are called composite chips. The chips can slide easily and they have a long life. These chips are easily available in retail stores and people can also purchase it online. The cost of these chips is very low and people can buy huge sets at an affordable price.

Ceramic Chips

The surface of these chips is smooth and they are better than plastic and composite chips in terms of hardness and quality. The durability is also more in comparison to the former ones. Injection molding is the method used to manufacture the chips and graphics can also be easily printed on them. So people need not stick any sticker or other graphic. The chips have a good sliding capacity. The chips are better ion quality and are also expensive.

Metal Chips

Metal poker chips are also available and they have a unique design. These chips are available online and people can buy them.

Style of Chips

Chips are available on various styles and some of them are as follows.


Chips are available in many colors and people can purchase them as per their desire. Red, Blue, black and green colors are most common.


People can opt for those chips in which denominations are present. The denominations help in determining the values of chips.

Wrapping Up

Many types of chips are available in retail stores and online and people can purchase them for home games or casinos. Some chips are cheap and less durable in comparison to others.

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