Everything you need to know about lab-grown diamonds- Important facts

Lab grown diamonds Sydney are gaining popularity and are here to stay for many good reasons. Simply put, these are man-made or artificial diamonds that are grown or made inside the laboratory under a controlled setting. Similar to real diamonds in all respects, lab grown diamonds differ in their origin for they are created in the lab. With the use of cutting-edge technology, they are made and the method almost simulates the natural growing process. Its physical and chemical properties are same as real diamonds, mined underneath the surface of the earth. Don’t think that these sorts of diamonds are fake or are cubic zirconias.

Lab grown diamonds Sydney are synthetic diamonds and that doesn’t mean they are fake. Indeed, they are a real deal just like real diamonds mined underneath the surface of the earth.

The technique of growing lab diamonds

The technique of growing diamonds in the lab is almost the same as that of mined diamonds. As per the diamond geologists, mined diamonds are the result of buried carbon dioxide in the surface of the earth miles beneath some 1 to 2 billion years ago. The buried carbon dioxide is actually subjected to extreme heat naturally and is put under pressure. As volcanic eruptions occur deep within the earth, these diamonds are transported to the surface. You may now wonder about the processes of lab diamond creation. Pressure and temperature diamond creation, and CVD or Chemical Vaporization Deposition technique are the two main techniques. Now, within this there are several processes involved in creating high pressure and high heat diamonds. Some of the patent manufacturing processes are the belt press technique, the split-sphere press and the cubic press technique. All the mentioned techniques create high heat and high pressure situation ideal for growing diamonds.  

The high pressure and high heat diamond seed is simply placed in carbon and any one of the manufacturing techniques is adopted. As soon as carbon starts to melt under extreme pressure and heat, diamond begins to form.

How is diamond grading and certification done?

The process to certify and grade lab-grown diamonds is almost the same as grading mined diamonds. They are sent to another lab for grading, for quality and purity testing. These diamonds are certified and graded in the gem lab with the use of 4cs. On the basis of cut, clarity, the color and its carat, the pricing is estimated. There are many gemologists to grade individual gems or diamonds. The grades of diamonds are finally assembled together and then the final grading is done.

All the diamonds acquire unbiased grading from the labs. Different sellers use different labs for diamond grading. It all depends on whom the seller trusts. You may not know that a piece of diamond may acquire different grades from different labs. Therefore, each seller chooses lab center on the basis of trustworthiness.

While buying lab-grown diamonds, you must ask whatever question you have from the sellers at  If you don’t trust a lab center from where the diamond is certified, you must avoid buying it. In any case, they are real diamonds used for making engagement rings, earrings, bracelets, bangles, fashion jewelry, pendants, etc. 

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