5 Things To Keep In Mind When Shopping For Contact Lens Online In Singapore

Everything today is now possible through online shopping, even kinds of stuff for eye care. Did you know you can now order a contact lens online in Singapore? Many people find it a better choice because it is more convenient and cheaper.

Here’s what you must remember before you place an order.

1.  See an eye doctor

Before doing anything else, it’s best to check your eyes, especially if it’s been more than a year since your last exam. Since your eyes’ health can vary between checks, optometrists recommend annual exams for contact lens wearers to keep their prescriptions current. Before requesting coloured contact lenses in Singapore eyewear stores, you must see a doctor first.

2.  Get the latest eye check-up

The Federal Trade Commission stresses that all contact lenses require a prescription. If you need daily contact lenses in Singapore, you may rest assured that you will receive glasses tailored to your specific needs because the optometrist will check them out first.

3.  Understand your prescription

You must know your prescription details before you get a contact lens online in Singapore. All prescriptions written by optometrists adhere to a defined set of measurements and abbreviations. You’ll need all the supplementary information when submitting an online prescription.

4.  Compare prices

You may find better deals online when checking the contact lens price in Singapore. Shipping and handling costs are included in this total and may significantly differ from the product’s listed price.

5.  Buy from reputable shops

Since you only have two eyes, selecting only tried-and-true products from trusted brands is essential. Seeing an FDA-approval notice or seal will provide peace of mind when purchasing a contact lens online in Singapore since it indicates that the seller is authentic and provides access to eye professionals.

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