What Are The Different Methods Used for Removing Dents

Dents make your car look ugly and unattractive. Not just that it severely reduces your car’s market price if they aren’t repaired. However, getting your dent repaired by professional collision repair companies will make the process expensive and time taking. What about trying out one of the effective DIY methods for removing stubborn dents at home? If you are interested in doing it yourself, check out the various procedures you can follow.

  • Hot water and a plunger

If it’s a shallow dent, this procedure would help you get rid of it in no time. For this, you need to pour boiling water directly onto the affected area. Now, taking the plunger, plunge it into the dent and pull it out immediately. Repeat this process several times until the dent is repaired. Hot water is necessary because it allows the plunger to get a good seal, making it easier to pull out the dent. 

  •  A hairdryer and compressed air

Put the hairdryer to its hottest setting and point it towards the dent. Once the area gets heated up, spray a can of compressed air on it. When the cold compressed air comes in contact with the hot dent, it is supposed to make it contract, causing it to pop out.

  •  Vacuum cleaner, bucket, and tape

Vacuum cleaners can do a lot more than just absorbing dust and crumbs. It is an effective dent removal tool if used correctly. Firstly, cut a small hole at the bottom of a bucket. The hole must be smaller than the size of your vacuum cleaner nozzle. Now tape the nozzle over the hole at the bottom. Place the vacuum cleaner over the affected spot and switch it on. The suction is supposed to suck the dent out of the spot.

  •  Dent repair kit

For effective dent removal, you can grab a complete dent removal kit from any nearby automobile store. It will contain all the specific tools you will be needing for the process. Usually, it has a suction cup that pulls out the dent. Sometimes a hot glue is also included in the kit.

Have you tried any of these above-mentioned procedures to get the dent out of your car? If you have and none of them has worked, you should probably take your car to a good quality auto repair shop and get the dent inspected and repaired.

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