Five Common Cuts of Steak Served in Steakhouses

Every customer who visits a steakhouse has their favourite cut of beef. However, a lot of people may not clearly understand what makes their favourite cut so special. As customers read the restaurant’s menu, they will have to choose from an assortment of cuts and chops of beef. While such cuts have different names, an average guest may not be able to determine the difference.

Every piece of steak must be savored and appreciated for the cut of meat that it is. If you want to enjoy a delicious Rib n reef meal, you must understand where the cut comes from. Below are some of the most popular steaks cuts that people order in steakhouses and where they come from:

Filet Mignon

Filet mignon is the most tender beef cut. It is clean, sophisticated, and succulent. It is obtained from the cow’s loin area and comes in a very compound cut. Specifically, it comes from the animal’s hindquarter, directly behind the ribs. It is known for its melt-in-your-mouth taste and is best cooked over a grill on dry heat from rec tec stampede with the help of rec tec stampede review. Its tenderness results from being non-weight bearing and not toughened by exercise.

Strip Steak (New York Steak)

This cut of beef steaks is obtained from the area of the cow below the backbone. It is tender, lean, and often boneless. It is known for its great amount of marbling that lends lots of flavours to the meat.

Bottom Round Steak

This steak cut is lean and comes from the round part or tail-end of the cow. Often, this cut has very little fat and is a tough cut due to the constant use of the animal’s leg. It often comes quite big and is best when braised or roasted. Because of its lean demeanour, it can dry out easily during cooking so it has to be monitored. It is best paired with fine, red wine.


The ribeye is cut from the rib section, which spans from ribs six through twelve. It is known for its rich, buttery flavour and tender texture. It delivers mouthwatering, flavour, and juiciness in every bite.


This cut of steak is also obtained from the cow’s loin area. But, it is more of a family-sized cut bigger in size than its filet cousin. Usually, this cut is lean, well-flavored. When cooked properly by a Montreal steakhouse, this yields a tender steak at an affordable price.

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