How Long Can You Store A Craft Beer? Surprising Facts You Should Know


You’ve probably wondered when you take a beer out of the back of the fridge. There is no doubt that you went on thinking if it’s still edible. Does a craft beer in Singapore have an expiration date?

Most brews are best when you drink them fresh. Except for a few sour or strong brews, Breweries offer their beer in the form they intend to enjoy.

You want to make sure you’re getting your money’s worth. The taste of beer depends on how long it has been sitting on the shelf. That’s why it’s essential to keep freshness in mind while deciding on a craft brew. However, how can you tell if the beer you’re considering drinking is still fresh?

Before contacting a craft beer supplier in Singapore in advance for your party or personal needs, know about its shelf life first.

What is Craft Beer Shelf Life?

Craft brewers frequently use smaller quantities and cutting-edge techniques to achieve a unique flavour profile. The first thing to remember is that beer rarely goes terrible and becomes drinkable. Some of its original flavours may be lost, while others may evolve into a new flavour profile.

Generally speaking, craft beer in Singapore will keep for six to nine months in the cupboard and six months to two years in the fridge, depending on the temperature. However, some craft brewers argue that this is too extensive of a process.

What you order at a craft beer shop in Singapore is best consumed the same day or the same week you bought it. Most craft beers include a “best by” date on the label to suggest when they are at their most delicate and most flavorful.

Checking the beer’s expiration date before purchasing it is one of the most critical aspects of your buying process.

4 Factors That Affect Craft Beer Flavour




Styles of craft beer vary widely, affecting how long you can keep it as a stock. For example, there are certain beers that you should consume immediately, whilst others can be stored on a shelf for months without becoming bad. It all comes down to the type of beer you’re consuming.

If you’re buying a lighter craft beer in Singapore, such as an IPA or pale ale, you should drink it within four months or 120 days of making it. You can extend the shelf life of darker beers to 180 days. Some beers, primarily barrel-aged stouts and beers with high alcohol content, improve with age.

Some of the beers in the 6-month category are hoppy, while others undergo significant flavour evolution throughout more extended periods. Although an Imperial Stout might age for years, a Lager will begin to change in flavour during the first year of ageing.

Room temperature

When you buy or acquire stocks from a craft beer supplier in Singapore, it’s preferable to maintain your beer at or below 50 degrees Fahrenheit. It means putting it in the refrigerator is the best option.

Maintaining a steady temperature is just as crucial. Leaving beer out in the sun, where it can get warm or overheat, is never a good idea. It isn’t good for the beer if you let it warm-up and cool down several times.

It might worsen or change the taste of your craft beer as a whole. You might not be able to enjoy it as you like as soon as you taste it.

Type of packaging

The question of whether to use cans or bottles is still essential. Cans are becoming more popular, while bottles are still widely used. A beer’s shelf life is affected by its packaging. For this reason, beer’s flavour gets weakened by light and oxygen.

When you order craft beer online in Singapore, you will likely see them in cans instead of ordinary bottles in pubs. It keeps its quality far longer since it keeps the drink fresh and light.

On the other hand, beer glasses come in various colours, including brown, green, and even clear. To keep the beer from being exposed to UV light, it’s best to choose a darker shade for the bottle. However, even in the darkest of bottles, some UV radiation is still allowed to reach the drink.

Therefore, it is impossible to store bottled beer in an area where UV radiation can reach it. If this is the case, it may affect and reduce the shelf life.

Order and receiving time

A craft beer supplier in Singapore makes every effort to keep beer stored at a constant temperature and away from areas where UV radiation can reach it. It would help if you kept it refrigerated after bringing it home, as this slows down the ageing process.

When you buy online or in person, you should check the best by date. This way, you’ll have an idea of the days that you can sip the original taste.

4 Tips on How To Determine If Your Craft Beer Is Drinkable


Know the facts

For those who have doubts about the beer’s authenticity, it is good to know that it is pretty unusual for beer to go wrong and cause illness. You can buy a can of craft beer in Singapore and still savour its taste as long as you know the facts.

Smell it first

Fresh craft beer does not make a distinctive sound, but the aroma will likely be a warning nonetheless. Pouring the beer out and going with something else is usually the best choice. If you feel unsure, it’s ideal to buy a new set or packs of craft beer online in Singapore.

Observe the unusual signs

Sourness and a lack of foam are warning signs that the beer you’re drinking may not be good. Compare the image of a freshly opened craft beer and see the difference.

Check the dates

You can easily find a craft beer supplier in Singapore that includes the dates such as best by in their drinks. Consider doing some research on how you can carefully observe the date.

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