Does your conditioner coil is making ice?

This is the 21st century and we usually try to find ways to use energy efficiently. And in the process, we buy excellent products for cooling and heating our homes. There are homeowners who don’t have an idea about the working of their air conditioners and they think that the process of condenser making ice is very normal. But, you are wrong here because it is a common myth. AC units are designed to produce cooling, not ice. It means something is wrong and you to either installing your new system or call the professionals. Keep reading this post to know about the issue.

 The formation of cold air is generally pushed in your room and this cycle repeats again and again.

  • The low refrigerant

The reason behind the formation of ice on your AC is the leaking refrigerant. That means if the refrigerant is low in your AC unit, the gas starts expanding in the evaporator coil resulting in the temperature dropdown. This will leads to the formation of ice that you don’t want.

  • Clogged air filter

The clogged air filter causes the air to get trouble circulating throughout the system. The cold air will further distribute completely in your home using air vents. The air starts dropping the temperature and form ice on the coil.

  • Increased humidity

Humidity is also responsible for causing ice to form. In case, you are running an AC on humid days, it will struggle to perform effectively.

Now, you must have understood how the ice starts forming in the ac unit. The licensed contractors will help you in dealing with the issue using upgraded tools. Thus, your air conditioner will work back to normal. In an emergency situation, abacus plumbing is here to help you and available in just one call.


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