Batik Clothing in Singapore: 4 Ways to Find the Right Fit


Finding the perfect size of batik clothing in Singapore can get challenging for people, especially if they are online shopping where they cannot touch the piece in person. Another challenge would be the lack of accurate sizing details that make this thing more complicated.

If you are having difficulties, read this article for tips on getting the best size:

  1. The modern batik in Singapore should have the right fit, and that means wearing something not too tight or loose. First, prepare your tape measure, the one dressmaker use, to get your body proportions. List down everything on a sheet of paper or the notes application on your mobile phone. Doing this helps you remember the exact details.
  2. Carefully read the size details on the website. You should also know whether they show garment or body measurements because these two things are different. Do not worry because they often state this and emphasise the words. (Tip: A batik shirt in Singapore might have a different sizing guide than a dress or other pieces.)
  3. If shopping in their physical stores, try as many pieces as you like. It is also understandable to try both, for example, small and medium, if you think the proportions of your body are irregular. Lastly, when there are difficulties deciding, always choose the more comfortable size. Do not be afraid of sizing up or down as long as the fit feels right.
  4. Loungewear, like cotton pyjamas in Singapore, should be comfortable for daily use at home. Check the sizing, material, and other information to know whether you like them. You can also choose from a variety of designs and patterns, and why not pick something that matches your interior design? It seems fun if we’re to look at it.

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