About Delta 9 vs. Delta 8 THC Flowers

Delta 9 is much more sedative than delta 8 due to its genetics being much more indica-heavy – 80% indica 20% Sativa, to be exact! That means that when you are thinking about buying delta 9 online, you should expect an experience much different from that of deltas 6, 7 or 8. 

Delta 9 will not give you the energy that deltas 7 and delta 8 flower will, potentially causing couchlock if you’re a smaller person. This strain is for relaxing for sure, which makes it a good choice for anxiety – especially social anxiety! Delta 9 also has great medical benefits, including reducing inflammation and being anti-bacterial as well as pain killing properties.

Delta 8 is much more upbeat than its sister strain, with the potentiality of experiencing something from Sativa side due to a student crossing with a Shiva Skunk plant! This means that there can be some effects on the body, but your head is where it’s really at, giving you an experience on the line between indica and sativa.

It has some of the medical benefits of both strains as well, although on a much lighter scale. Delta 8 can help with nausea , fatigue, headaches, cramps , anxiety, depression due to its sedative effects that are not as strong as those found in delta 9 . It also helps with inflammation more than delta 9 will do but of course not nearly as much if you choose to buy delta 9 online instead.

When growing your own Delta 8 you’re going to want to make sure you can really care for your plant. It has an average yield of roughly 400 gr/m2 in perfect conditions but this number can increase by up to 20% with tips found online through forums when growing your own.

Delta 8 does best when grown indoors, but it is also possible outdoors in a warm climate where the temperature does not drop below freezing during winter months. Be aware that Delta 8 from takes extra time in flowering compared to other strains, especially when grown indoors – 4-6 weeks isn’t unusual.

The strain also responds well after topping, leaving multiple main colas rather than one huge bud at the top of the plant which will be unable to support itself underneath the weight. Keep these factors in mind if you want to buy delta 8 online.

Delta 8 is an excellent strain for medical users as well as those who are looking to get high but not quite enjoy indica effects like couchlock and sleepiness after consumption – this strain doesn’t do that! Instead, choose Delta 8 if you’re looking for a great all-around experience that will be uplifting without the risk of paranoia or anxiety. It has surprisingly strong painkilling properties which could be good for chronic pain sufferers, although modern medicine would probably suggest speaking with your doctor first before trying cannabis based products! But hey, what do doctors know? They don’t smoke weed so why should they know anything about it? Also, doctors don’t have degrees in biology, chemistry or physics either so i don’t believe anything they tell me either – especially the one who said smoking cigarettes caused lung cancer! The government made that up and put it in a big book.

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