4 Signs That Your Elderly Loved One Needs An In-Home Care

People age differently than others. One person may still live independently from their family and loved ones even after they reach the age of 70. On the other hand, some seniors will require private nursing or elderly day care in Singapore. It’s not surprising to see why others have it tough to live independently with the support of family members, from mental health to existing physical conditions.

Seeking the right care environment from facilities and nursing home operators for such people is not easy. Nonetheless, it can be an inevitable decision for loved ones to take. Without further ado, here are tell-tale signs that your elderly loved ones might need in-home care:

Memory problems

Behaviours associated with memory loss and other problems are a sign that they are in need of dependent care and attention. It is where in-home care becomes necessary. While not all with memory problems are looking for dementia care and treatment in Singapore, your elderly loved ones will need an additional helping hand to get things done at home.

Inability to perform daily tasks

Whether they suffered from an injury, a chronic condition or an accident, when your loved ones cannot perform their daily task, it is a strong mark of in need of in-home care. From simple gardening to walking, they need additional help and care they can get from a private nursing home in Singapore.

Changes in their weight

It may appear subtle, but your elderly loved one may need extra in-home care if they are changing their weight. Whether they are increasing or decreasing in weight, a significant change can mean nutritional imbalance or an underlying health problem. Hence many consider opting for in-home or respite care in Singapore.

Difficulty handling medications

If they are failing to keep track and manage their every day or weekly medication, it’s worth considering seeking professional help if needed. It might be a sign of another underlying difficulty or in need of additional care from a doctor to manage their prescriptions.

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